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Ashby Police Welcomes New Officer

ASHBY — Chief Derek J. Pepple is pleased to share that the Ashby Police Department has welcomed a new member to the department.  

Officer Ethan Goodreau was sworn in to the Ashby Police Department on Monday, May 6.  

Officer Goodreau grew up in Spencer and received a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Worcester State University. He graduated from the Quinsigamond Community College Police Academy on May 2.  

Officer Goodreau started his Field Officer Training this week. Officer Goodreau will work alongside a more senior officer to ensure he is correctly applying concepts he learned while in the academy, and to ensure all shift duties are performed properly and completely, toward the goal of solo duty.

“I am pleased to welcome Officer Goodreau to the Ashby Police Department,” said Chief Pepple. “Ashby Police are a dedicated group of professionals, and I am excited to see Officer Goodreau as he starts his career.”