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Ashby Police Will Seek Summons Against Bus Driver Involved in Incident With Student

ASHBY — Chief Derek J. Pepple shares that the Ashby Police Department will seek a summons for a bus driver following an incident on a school bus on Tuesday.

A 64-YEAR-OLD MAN, FROM ASHBY, will be charged with:

  • Assault and Battery

On Tuesday, April 2, Ashby Police were notified about an incident on a school bus involving a driver from Dee Bus Company and a North Middlesex Regional School District student in Ashby. Dee is the contracted transportation provider for the District.

Through its initial investigation, Ashby Police determined that the driver shoved the student to the floor of the bus, which was returning students home from school. No injuries were reported.

Based on the investigation and video from the school bus, Ashby Police found probable cause to seek a summons for the driver to appear in court at a later date.

These are allegations. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty.