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Statement of Ashby Police Chief Fred Alden

ASHBY — Chief Fred Alden wishes to provide the following statement:

“In recent days, we have spoken with members of our community about the events that are occurring throughout the country. The members of the Ashby Police Department are united in strongly condemning the actions of the officers involved with the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and believe they must face the consequences of their actions, or lack thereof.

“Police officers take an oath and swear to uphold the Constitution for all. Our code of ethics demands that officers serve mankind and safeguard lives along with treating all people equally with dignity, respect and fairness.

“Our Department believes that in order to succeed in our mission — to provide excellent service and protection through leadership and partnership with the community — we must work hand-in-hand with the community we serve.

“We support the citizens who have voiced their concerns through peaceful protest.  There’s a lot of work ahead of us to improve equality and fairness, and your police department is committed to continuously improving our ability to serve our community.”