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Ashby Police Officer Sworn In After Successfully Completing Police Academy Training

Officer Dylan Denis, left, is sworn in by Town Clerk Angela Jack in a ceremony at the Ashby Police Department on Aug. 6. (Courtesy Photo Ashby Police Department)

ASHBY — Chief Fred Alden is pleased to announce that a member of the Ashby Police Department recently completed his academy training and was sworn in last week.    

Officer Dylan Denis graduated from the 26th ROC Boylston Police Academy on Friday, July 31 after 23 weeks of training.    

On Aug. 6 he was officially sworn in at the Ashby Police Station by Town Clerk Angela Jack.    

“I want to congratulate the newest member of our department on completing training at the academy and being sworn in,” Chief Alden said. “On behalf of the department, we welcome Officer Denis back and look forward to his dedicated service to the Town of Ashby.”    

Officer Denis has served with the Ashby Police Department since 2017 when he was appointed as a part-time Reserve Officer. On Feb. 24, Officer Denis started at the police academy full-time in Boylston.    

Since his graduation a week ago, Officer Dennis has returned to full-time patrol duties for the town.